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make simple lifestyle changes to help you thrive!


After earning my bachelors of science in nutrition I went on to study, work, and teach at Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN.


There are three events that have shaped my love for nutrition education. First, my mom was diagnosed with heart disease and placed on a very strict low sodium diet. Next, was my son who had multiple food allergies. And third was finding out my food choices were causing me to have brain fog, fatigue, anxiety, and depression. It’s hard for anyone to suddenly change everything about their diet. That’s why I’ve created a program that implements simple lifestyle changes that help you thrive.

Through slow and easy changes you’ll be able to alleviate cravings, sleep easier and deeper, experience lasting weight loss, improve your moods, and reduce your risk of future disease.


Many of us tell ourselves that we’ll start focusing on our health tomorrow, next month or next year because we feel we have to make drastic changes, which feel daunting, yet we are tired and stressed and the thought of this endeavor makes us more tired and more stressed.

My courses and coaching are designed to stop the madness of that cycle because the changes are upgrades that are simple, easy and enjoyable. They do not add to your burden, they alleviate it

This program does not involve deprivation, denial or willpower. Instead it provides education, upgrades and empowerment that allows you to give yourself a better life.

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